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Mike Schwartz

The story of our life contains by many joys and much happiness which builds foundations for our day to day experiences. It is also true that we experience hardships and suffering, at times. Sometimes our thoughts and emotions can get the better of our true selves and when this becomes overwhelming we may find that the relationship within therapy can be helpful.

My goal in a therapeutic relationship is to assist you in clarifying problems and concerns so that you can regain a perspective that is not overwhelming. Our relationship should promote new strengths and motivations. We may use a conversation-style therapy or, if it is better, work through therapeutic modalities together to learn specific coping or confidence-based skills and practices.

I have worked with individuals and families in different settings including public schools and agency, not-for-profit community centers and wilderness therapy ventures for over fifteen years. My path has led me to Journey Mental Health where I have worked since completing my Masters in Social Work in 2013.

The decision to attend counseling can be a difficult and important one. My life experiences, education and training supports working with individuals and families seeking support understanding depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, self-esteem, grief, trauma, relationship issues and divorce, blended families, among other experiences. I will also work with families trying to better understand systems and structures to support AD/HD, shifting negative, unwanted behaviors and developing supports for some intellectual disabilities.

Please feel free to call and talk to me if you have any questions about this potentially life affirming process.


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